About Our Point of Sale Management Systems

Whether you are collecting POS data from your distributors today or considering a program, the Interlynx POS Management System will take your business to a higher level by helping you to understand your indirect customers better and by driving higher levels of collaboration with your distributors.​

We will collect the POS data from your distributors in their preferred format and we will organize, research and append with market, customer, and product information. Using deep analytics, we will extract cross sell opportunities, underpenetrated accounts and prospective new business. We will identify “threats” in the data, like customers who have stopped buying or are buying significantly less so that you catch it before it becomes a problem.​​

We will send reports to your distributors and your sales team with a panel of identified threats and opportunities to collaborate on, as well as tracking of target accounts, new accounts and new product sales activity. This will assure that your distributor and territory growth initiatives are on track.​​

All of our systems are “turn key” and “distributor friendly” so that both you and your distributors benefit.

How Our Point of Sale & Commission Management System Works

Your distributors will send their POS data via API, flat file or other means in real time or on a scheduled time iteration and in their preferred format.

Specific to POS Systems​
Interlynx will take the raw data, fix, format and associate each SKU with the manufacturer’s product family structure. Next, we will market research each company and append and enrich the data set with SIC, NAICS, website, and other details that will help you to gain incredible insights on your distributors customers and their sales mix.​

The entire process will be captured in a suite of reports that identify underlying threats and opportunities in the data that will help both the manufacturer and distributor to work better together.

If you are an AHTD member, you also will have access to our benchmarking report suite. Click here for more information: AHTD Reverse POS​

What You Can Expect by Using Interlynx For POS Management

Identify and track underperforming customers and markets.

Identify & measure “cross-sell” opportunities by market and customer.

Identify underlying risks and trends by market and product line.

Benchmark distributor performance & market penetration levels.

Plan and execute better with distributors on target account activity and new product sales.

Manage information to calculate commissions and compensation.