About Interlynx Systems

Interlynx Systems creates systems that help Distributors and Manufacturers work better together in the marketplace. We identify sources of friction that distract from a constructive working relationship and from serving their mutual customers and build systems to overcome those challenges. We work with some of the most recognized manufacturers, distributors, and industry associations.

Our services platform includes:
• Sales Lead Management – Closing the Loop on Sales Leads
• Rebate Management – Driving Confidence in the Integrity of the Rebate Process
• Quote Management – Turning Quotes into Sales by Improving Conversion Rates
• Point of Sale & COGS Management – Driving Market and Sales Analytics
• Inventory Management – Driving Visibility on Channel Inventory Management

All of our systems are available in both Distributor and Manufacturer versions and fully integrate with each other and with nearly 50 different business systems – ERP, CRM, and Marketing Automation. Interlynx Systems continues to grow exponentially serving an every increasing number of clients, users, while maintaining a near perfect client retention rate. Our systems are complex yet simple, effective yet elegant.

Together and in partnership with our clients and user community, Interlynx Systems is transforming the way Manufacturers and Distributors work together in the marketplace.

Why do we need Interlynx if we have CRM?

The simple answer: To assure that you get feedback on the sales lead you send to your distributors.

Our Sales Lead Management Systems assure that you will receive 95% feedback rates on all leads that you send to the sales team.

If you are currently using CRM and feedback is a priority, consider our Interlynx Integrated Solution:

  • 95% feedback on all Sales Leads
  • 2-3X better feedback rates over CRM alone
  • No more sales lead “black hole”
  • Complete visibility to all Sales Leads withing the CRM environment
  • Less loading & administration of the leads into your system
  • 100% CRM integration success rate
  • Integrations designed to your workflow

Every lead matters so learning the outcome is critical!