About Our Sales Lead Management Systems​

If you are like most distributors, your leads are “out of control” and not managed well – your leads are “flying all over” the organization and you are only getting a trickle of leads from your suppliers. And when there are leads, they go into a “black hole” leaving you wondering if the customer was ever contacted.

Getting good sales leads into the hands of your sales team is critical to growing your business whether developing new customers or penetrating existing clients deeper.

Our Sales Lead Management system pulls all of your leads (in any format and from all sources) into one system, then we do 29 steps of research on each, screen the junk and deliver a near perfect lead to your sales team on an easy-to-use mobile interface. The result: 95% feedback levels on your sales leads. We will then send your suppliers a performance report of every lead they send you or if they have their own requirements, update their system on your behalf.

All of our systems are designed specifically for distributors – affordable, useful and simple to use.

How Our Lead Management System Works

Interlynx Systems is the number one provider of Sales Lead Management Systems for Distributors. We work with some of the most widely recognized and forward thinking Distributors who understand the value of sales leads, the importance of sales lead follow up (closing the loop) and the critical requirement of providing feedback to their suppliers on the sales leads that they send to them.

Our programs are "turn key" and require no clerical work to upload or maintain the system by the client. We guarantee 95% lead feedback rates on all leads sent to your sales team

Our program fully integrates with all CRM, ERP & Marketing Automation and will eliminate the inefficiencies of updating in both CRM and supplier required systems. Common distributor integration partners include Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Tour De Force, Zoho, Profit 21, & Hubspot. This 1 minute video explains how it works and is worth watching.

What You Can Expect by Using Interlynx For Sales Lead Management

Reduce Administrative Work of Formatting and Retrieving Leads

Leads are Scored and Screened for Quality

Know the Status of Each Lead by Branch or Sales Person

Update your CRM or ERP with Sales Lead Information

Proven Platform Assures Sales Team Adoption

Provide Suppliers with Feedback on the Leads They Send You