About Our Sales Lead Management Systems​

We see it every single day. You invest in lead generation activity – web leads, shows, media – you send them to your distributors and they go into a “black hole.” How do you know if the customer was contacted, or measure the impact of your sales leads if you cannot get distributor feedback?​

With or without CRM integration, Interlynx is the only sales lead management tool that can consistently deliver 95% or better distributor feedback levels and “close the loop” on your sales leads. Our high feedback rates translate into higher and higher distributor mindshare levels. If you send them great leads they will focus on your line.​

Interlynx is the number one provider of sales lead management services by all measures – feedback rates, number of clients, number of users and a near perfect client retention rate. ​

All of our systems are “turn key” and “distributor friendly” so that that both you and your distributors benefit.

How Our Lead Management System Works

Interlynx Systems is the number one provider of Sales Lead Management Systems for Manufacturers. We work with some of the most widely recognized and forward thinking Manufacturers who understand the value of generating sales leads, the importance of sales lead follow up (closing the loop) and the critical benefit of driving distributor “mindshare” by providing them with the ultimate sales lead management experience.

Our programs are "turn key" and require no clerical work to upload or maintain the system by the client. We guarantee 95% lead feedback rates on all leads sent to your channel partners.

Our program fully integrates with all CRM and Marketing Automation platforms and allow you to assign leads to your channel partners for follow up and update their feedback into your CRM platform.
This 1 minute video explains how it works and is worth watching.

What You Can Expect by Using Interlynx For Sales Lead Management

Your leads will be followed up on by your distributors.

The customer will be contacted and not left waiting.

You will know the outcome of your leads including ROI.

You will drive more sales through a focused follow-up process.

You will capture the mindshare of your distributor network.

Your program pay for itself through higher sales.