About Interlynx Systems

Interlynx Systems was founded as a consulting practice helping manufacturers understand how to “unleash the power of the sales channel” by working closer with their distributor partners in the marketplace and in order to meet the needs of the customer. In late 2005, a consulting client asked if we could find a way to get their distributors more engaged on their sales leads and in 2006, our first two employees were hired and our first Sales Lead Management System was launched. The reaction from the distributor community was immediate and enthusiastic.

Since that time, Interlynx has developed a portfolio of systems that drive higher levels of collaboration between manufacturers and distributors in meeting the needs of the end customer, and has grown to become the Number One provider of Sales Lead Management and POS Management Systems by all measures – number of clients, number of users, and a near perfect client retention rate. Our systems are complex yet simple, effective yet elegant.

Why Do We Need Interlynx if We Have CRM?

The simple answer: To assure that you get feedback on the sales lead you send to your distributors.

Our Sales Lead Management Systems assure that you will receive 95% feedback rates on all leads that you send to your distributors.

In spite of the size of the investment and the promises made by your CRM partner and implementation team, your distributors will not provide acceptable feedback levels on the sales leads you send to them without Interlynx.

So if measuring the impact on your marketing spend, receiving distributor feedback and tying that feedback into CRM is important, consider our Interlynx Integrated Solution:

  • Distributors will provide feedback on 95% on all Sales Leads
  • Complete visibility to all Sales Leads sent to your distributors
  • More Sales Leads – less Sales Lead loading & administration
  • Interlynx has a 100% CRM integration success rate
  • Our integration designs are streamlined and intuitive
  • Our integrations are designed to your workflow.