About Our Quote Management Systems

It happens every single day with every single distributor –customers bring you opportunities to quote on projects, special pricing or special configurations, a quote is generated and sent to the customer. That’s where it ends – most quotes “die” in the quote log with no follow up.

Our “closed loop” Quote Management System will help you to execute on your quote opportunities and improve your close rates through a robust follow up process with your sales team.

All of our systems are designed specifically for distributors – affordable, useful and simple to use.

How Our Quote Management System Works

When one of your customers requests special pricing or special configurations, most distributors generate a “quote” in their business system or maybe you just email the customer back with the details. The Interlynx Quote Management System will take those quotes and drive a follow up process.

Simply flow the quote details from your outbound emails or business system, and we capture them and then format each and filter out the small opportunities based on your rules - quote size, customer name, customer type. We will then route the details to the responsible sales person(s) for feedback using our popular “Point-Click-Swipe” interface.

By driving a “closed loop” process, you will know the outcome of each quote – wins / losses and root cause and even update your business system.

The entire process will be captured in a suite of reports, including “pipeline,” “hit rates” and root cause report on lost deals for both you and your sales team.

What You Can Expect by Using Interlynx For Quote Management

Drive a closed loop process with your sales team.​

Measure close rates and reasons for wins & losses.​

Drive higher close rates on quoted opportunities.

Drive higher sales closes by as much as 50%

Help your sales team win more business.

Drive top line by focusing on sales fundamentals.