About Our Point of Sale Management Systems​

Distributors are sitting on a goldmine of sales and customer data but very few are able to tap into the threats and opportunities in that data. That is why Interlynx created a POS program for distributors. Distributors can send their data set to Interlynx, and we will format, research and append with market, customer, supplier and product information, then create a suite of reports to help you identify those hidden threats and opportunities in your data.

Using deep analytics, we will extract, cross sell opportunities, underpenetrated accounts and prospective new business. We will also identify “threats” in the data, like customers who have stopped buying or are buying significantly less so that you catch it before it becomes a problem.

In addition, if your suppliers require POS reporting, we will submit the reports to your suppliers in their required format.

All of our systems are designed specifically for distributors – affordable, useful and simple to use.

How Our POS Management System Works

Distributors normally have all sorts of customer data, but they don’t have an easy way to organize and make it usable. Our program solves that problem. Distributors send us their POS data, and Interlynx will do the rest:

  • Fix minor errors in the raw data
  • Format the SKUs by supplier and product family
  • Associate accounts by distributor sales territory or account assignment
  • Market Research all of the customer data (SIC, NAICS)
  • Upload to the POS Management system
  • Generate opportunity and threat alerts
  • Multi-level reports suite

Our program is “Turn Key” so IT and administration effort is minimal!

The entire process will be captured in a suite of reports that identify underlying threats and opportunities in the data that will help both the manufacturer and distributor to work better together.

If you are an AHTD member, you also will have access to our benchmarking report suite. Click here for more information: AHTD Reverse POS

What You Can Expect by Using Interlynx For POS Management

Identify and track underperforming customers and markets.

Identify & measure “cross-sell” opportunities by market and customer.

Identify underlying risks and trends by supplier, market and product line.

Benchmark salesperson and branch performance & market penetration levels.

Compile & submit POS reports on your behalf to each of your suppliers.

Manage information to calculate commissions and compensation.