About Interlynx and Our Rebate
Management Systems

The entire Rebate process for both Manufacturers and their Distributors can be a major source of friction in their relationship. Starting with the distributor’s request and all the way until a rebate credit is issued, the process is overly complex, error prone and resource draining.

We often see manufacturers “approving” credits that are “non- compliant and lead to costly overpayments.

If you are dealing with “Special Pricing Agreements” (SPA’s), “Ship & Debit”, “Chargebacks” and “Rebates”, we can streamline the entire process. Our program will make it easier for your distributors to initiate a request yet assure that the reconciliation and credits are paid accurately and that both parties have confidence in the integrity of the process.​

All of our systems are “turn-key” and “distributor friendly” so that both you and your distributors benefit.

How Our Rebate Management System Works

Distributors can make special pricing requests on a simple request “portal”, identify the customer and applicable SKU or product family and with a point and click, submit a request.

The request will flow to the pricing manager who will have relevant information on the request to make a “data driven” decision on the request.

Approved contracts will be formalized and become the exclusive basis for rebate calculations. Rebates will be automatically calculated for distributors who regularly submit POS data. Other distributors will submit a rebate “claim” in the format of their choice and Interlynx will reconcile the earned rebate based on the company, location, SKU, and contract date.

Reconciliation reporting will be generated and summarized on a regular basis.

Our program will give you and your distributors confidence that each rebate is calculated correctly.

What You Can Expect by Using Interlynx For Rebate Management

The distributors request process will be easier them and you.

You can make “data driven” decisions before approving.

You and your distributors will have more confidence in the process.

You will improve profits through more accurate reconciliations.

Your will capture the mindshare of your distributor network.

Your program will pay for itself through improved rebate accuracy.